Cookies CBD Crumble


Cookies is a hybrid strain with a joyful, euphoric, and mind-warping effect. This product has a sweet, spicy, and floral flavor.

Recommended use: any time of day.

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Cookies CBD Crumble are sweet and aromatic. It strikes a balance between relaxing bodily effects and social invigoration as a true hybrid.

  • 200mg minor cannabinoids / 800mg CBD
  • C02-extracted terpene infused
  • a huge spectrum
  • Lab-tested

Cookies CBD Crumble from Hemp Grade is a concentrated CBD product for dabbing or smoking. Our Crumble, which is made from broad-spectrum distillate and mixed with plant-derived terpenes, is a perfect way to add to your current smoking routine. From India to Sativa and everything in between, we have a terpene profile for you. Grab your Cookies, CBD Crumble, for sale at Hemp Grade now!

What are the Qualities of Cookies CBD Crumble?

These terpenes from Cookies generate a bright, fresh, and fragrant wild garlic flavor with a delicate lemon finish. This crumble gives a delightful taste sensation with an enhanced terpene level compared to that of the flower when added at levels of roughly 10%. This strain is also known as GMO Cookies and is a popular profile among enthusiasts. It is a hybrid indica dominant strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Chemdawg.

The proprietary technique used to create this CBD crumble results in an extremely clean and terpene-rich extract that melts and vaporizes at 190°C and higher temperatures. This extract will blend incredibly well with e-liquids, creating a far tastier and effective vape juice than any 99 percent CBD isolate-based liquid on the market today, thanks to its high purity.

Cookies CBD Crumble Contains Less Than 1mg of THC Per Pack.

The THC component is not designed or intended to be administered to the consumer, and it is simply included in the product since it is almost hard to remove all traces of it. It’s a byproduct of hemp manufacturing that naturally contains trace amounts of the chemical but at levels that are both legal and non-psychoactive.

At Hemp Grade, we will help you buy Cookies CBD Crumble at low prices. Do not worry about the quality at all as we deal with the best only. Place your order for Cookies CBD Crumble online now!


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