Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower


Mango Kush CBD is an earthy mango CBD rich hemp flower, with flavours of mango and citrus fruits.

Organically grown in a greenhouse in Europe under strict EU laws, these CBD Flowers are rich in CBD and THC levels fall below 0.2%.

Hemp can produce high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC.

Please note that once the seal is broken, Mother Hemp cannot be held responsible for the contents and it is non refundable.

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The Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower tastes identical to the actual mango fruit, with a pronounced Kush flavour and traces of pine on the exhale. It has orange pistils on its buds, which are characterised as thick. The plant grows to a height of 4-5 feet on average. It takes 9-11 weeks to flower and is popular among both indoor and outdoor producers. When the buds are split apart, the thick, glossy trichomes are visible. The aroma and flavour are characterised as mango and banana.

The Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower by Hemp Grade is the first and only hemp strain grown in a greenhouse that has passed our rigorous screening process.

Each of our Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower is practically rounded off at the corners, resulting in a totally unique Earth-Like bud form that ranges in size from small-medium to medium-large. So, do not look anymore to buyMango Kush CBD Hemp Flower, as Hemp Grade has it right in front of you!

What Impacts Does the Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower Have?

The Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower is a helpful treatment for a variety of ailments. For starters, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory that works swiftly to reduce inflammation. It also works well as a stress reliever. It has a lot of strength when it comes to treating insomnia. It can also be used by persons who are experiencing back pain.

This flower also helps to alleviate anxiety and preserve your cardiovascular system because of its high cannabidiol content. With proper medical supervision, it is also useful in the event of smoking cessation.

Furthermore, the Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower has the benefit of being easy to ingest due to its pleasant flavour. So don’t be hesitant to buy it from Hemp Grade today!

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Mango Kush CBD Hemp Flower’s Earth-like shape is ironic, given that this strain has a tremendously fresh, earthy and powerful aroma that we all enjoy.

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